Sponsorship Consultancy

Tie-Break has expertise in acquiring sponsors, structuring sponsorship propositions, and negotiating rights in sport 

Our strengths in the consultancy field allow us a more in-depth approach to positioning intellectual and event property in sport to meet sponsor demands, and consequently deliver maximum cost effective impact.

Tie-Break delivering..

1) The phenominal Offshore Watch brand chose Tie-Break to formulate and deliver an innovative Brand Ambassador strategy for the UK. Tie-Break selected and delivered the first two sports personalities- Sebastien Foucan (founder of Freerunning & James Bond star- appearing in Dancing on Ice ITV) and tennis icons. Then an innovative new media marketing plan was devised...  

2) When Superset Tennis was looking to reconfigure its global offering to sponsors it turned to Tie-Break to assist in the remodeling of its sponsor inventory.

Meticulously Tie-Break produced a template for the sponsor proposition

The public face of “Superset” in the UK/Spain then became “Betfair Turbo Tennis”...which evolved into Tiebreak Tens.. 

3) Tie-Break developed the Sporting Legends idea for

Abercrombie & Kent Private Travel.

Staged at The London Capital Club a

truly memorable evening, and a 

quantifiable success judged

 against specific sponsor objectives.

4) Fanmode - Opening up sponsorship opportunities for this groundbreaking idea  . "The World is a Stadium" (www.fanmode.com)    



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