Distinctive Hospitality

Tie-Break focuses on the provision of highly personalized and tailored hospitality packages at major sporting events. Tie-Break’s ability to deliver is based on its unique knowledge and set of contacts. In short,we are able to put together more professionally customized packages than are available elsewhere. read more

Event Creation and Delivery

Tie-Break can provide a full range of services around staging major sporting events. This can range from the initial design and feasibility stage right through to management and delivery of the event itself. read more

Sponsorship Consultancy

Our strong network of contacts in both the corporate and sporting worlds makes us extremely well placed to facilitate sponsorship introductions and arrangements.Tie-Break's involvement can help secure the introduction of potential sponsors to an event or we can handle all aspects of that sponsors terms and participation as well. read more

Facility Advice & Socially Distanced Considerations

Tie-Break can provide a full range of advice and consultancy around the establishment of sports or leisure facilities. This advice can be particularly valuable in the early design and feasibility stages when our unique understanding and experience can help to ensure that the right solutions are implemented. read more

Player Management

Tie-Break is able to assist young athletes from any sport in reaching their full, world-class potential. read more




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